Jeremy and Kristy Coleman

February 19, 2016

After building a new home and being worn down by various issues during the process and warranty period, we were uneasy about starting another project at our home.

The construction market can be difficult to deal with for people who expect their contractor(s) of choice to take care of them.  That being said, Landmark delivered.

The Landmark crew did a wonderful job on our yard and helped us solve some serious drainage issues that we were left to deal with after our new home was constructed.

Landmark was professional, prompt and courteous.  They did a first class job of keeping the work site (our yard) clean, quiet and friendly during the installation process and after.

Our project came in at the estimated price; which in our opinion, was very reasonable.  The products (plants, rocks, mulch and trees) were great and the drainage system that was installed is the envy of our neighbors.  Landmark even repaired our dilapidated old Rainbow play set!

If we ever need landscaping or drainage work in the future, Landmark will be our contractor.  We couldn’t have asked for a more helpful organization.

Thank you for delivering what was agreed upon without any additional phone calls or warranty issues  You have been terrific to work with.

Special thanks to Anthony and his crew for doing a great job!