Featured Project

Well folks it would seem as though we are finally, caught up!!!  We are running some nice specials on fall tree plantings.  Right now we have real good turn around time on any projects involving plantings as the weather can change on a dime.  I’ve included a before and almost after picture of a project we did just last month.  It involved replacing the existing decks with an elevated patio of pavers and veneered block walls.  We added a bubbler boulder feature, lighting, and irrigation so the pots can now be readily watered even when they are traveling.  We did all the work in house!  We are just finding, that it’s far simpler and easier to schedule if we do it ourselves and the quality can be controlled as well.  Big box landscape companies sub most of the construction work if not all of it out.  Every contractor adds something to the final price and in the end the quality sometimes just doesn’t seem to add up to the price.  We can remedy all of that by doing the entire project under one roof.  Call us and see why we keep turning out smiles.

We are more than just landscaping these days!  As winter draws near, we will again be booking internal construction projects.  We offer great prices through our off season and the attention to detail is still there.  Click on our construction tab for a listing of our offered services.

If your planning a new construction project please read my blog on new construction with the provided link below.

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