Pyrus calleryana ‘Cleveland Select’ Pear

Perfectly uniform tree… great for front yards. Your neighbors will think that you get ladders out in the middle of the night and prune this tree.   It naturally grows in a tight, symmetrical shape. A semi-perfect oval. One of those miracles of nature. Its leaves fill in any gaps creating a near flawless surface area.  You often see these as a featured front yard tree or planted to line roads and entryways.  Best of all… every spring you’ll witness a long-lasting explosion of pure white flowers.  An exciting development in flowering pear trees – Cleveland Pears are a great improvement over Bradford Pears and Aristocrat Pears. You get that perfect, symmetrical oval shape in a much hardier, stronger tree.The Cleveland Pear hybrid resists damage from extreme snow, ice and wind.  Quickly grows to 30-40 ft. tall…an ideal size for small and medium sized yards.  They are very pest resistant as well, so there’s never any maintenance.  In the fall, the leaves turn from a deep summer green to a dark scarlet red.  If you’ve always wanted a flowering pear for your lawn and landscape, the Cleveland Pear is by   far the best variety.