Professional Tree Recommendations

Here at Landmark we know it is important to find the right tree for the right job. Also we know which trees grow better in the midwest and will give you the longevity you deserve. Here is a list of the top recommendations from our Landmark Professionals:

Large shade trees to consider: 

1. Bur Oak 

2. Chinkapin Oak 

3. Shumardii (Red) Oak 

4. Bald Cypress 

5. American Hornbeam 

6. Tulip Tree

7. ‘Exclamation’ Sycamore 

8. Hybrid Elms 

9. ‘Espresso’ Kentucky Coffee tree 

10. Catalpa Tree 

11. ‘Wildfire’ Black Gum 

12. Golden Rain Tree 

Shade trees for smaller back yards: 

1. ‘Slender Silhouette’ Sweetgum 

2. ‘Kindred Spirit’ Oak 

3. ‘Crimson Spire’ Oak 

4. ‘Shantung’ Maple 

5. Paperbark Maple

6. ‘Shawnee Brave’ Bald Cypress

7. Golden Catalpa

Ornamental trees to consider: 

1. ‘Autumn Brilliance’ Serviceberry 

2. Witch Hazel Tree 

3. Purple Smoke Tree 

4. ‘Hot wings’ Maple 

5. ‘Butterfly’ Magnolia 

6. ‘Prairiefire’ Crab 

7. ‘Red Baron’ Crab 

8. ‘Ivory Silk’ Japanese Tree Lilac 

Large evergreen trees to consider: 

1. Black Hills Spruce 

2. Serbian Spruce 

3. Norway Spruce 

4. Golden Norway Spruce 

5. Colorado Blue Spruce 

6. Lacebark Pine 

7. Eastern White Pine 

8. Limber Pine 

9. Douglas Fir 

Evergreens for smaller back yards: 

1. ‘Baby Blue Eyes’ Spruce 

2. ‘Fat Albert’ Spruce 

3. ‘Hillside’ Upright Spruce 

4. ‘Louie’ White Pine 

5. ‘Stowe Pillar’ White Pine 

6. ‘Taylor’ Juniper 

7. ‘Spartan’ Juniper 

8. ‘Sky Rocket’ Juniper 

Must Have’s for the tree collector:

1. ‘Tri Color’ Beech 

2. ‘Dawyck Purple’ Beech 

3. ‘Red Fox’ Katsura 

4. ‘Ft. Mcnair’ Red Horse Chestnut 

5. ‘Autumn Splendor’ Horse Chestnut 

6. Japanese Maple Cultivars 

7. ‘Silberlocke’ Fir 

8. ‘Rising Sun’ Redbud 

9. ‘Purple Robe’ Black Locust 

10. Kousa Samaritan Dogwood