New Construction Guide: Steps one should follow during construction to maximize your outdoor construction dollar.

As a Landscape contractor and to an ever growing degree; a construction contractor, we encounter many different types of projects.  I feel our mind set of constantly striving towards maximizing our efficiency gives us an edge in the landscape sector.  Our broad skill set (which includes the likes of construction and other complimentary talents) gets us in the door on other outdoor projects.  This broader ranging skill set and the ability to do more as an individual contractor allows us to accomplish more than many of our competitors.  We’ve built value into our company by offering efficient broad ranged skills tailored to the outdoor environment.  This saves our customers money and allows them to get the proverbial “most bang for their buck”.  Most of our projects come down to that of new construction or renovation.  Today, I’d like to elaborate some, on the value of using one company for all or most of your outdoor needs.  For this discussion, I’d like to focus on new construction…

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Steps to folow during new construction