Fagus sylvatica ‘Dawyck’ Purple Beech

Dawyck Purple Beech has attractive deep purple foliage which emerges coppery-bronze in spring. The serrated pointy leaves are ornamentally significant and turn an outstanding coppery-bronze in the fall. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant. The smooth silver bark is extremely showy and adds significant winter interest.  Dawyck Purple Beech is a dense deciduous tree with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition.  This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and usually looks its best without pruning, although it will tolerate pruning. Deer don’t particularly care for this plant and will usually leave it alone in favor of tastier treats. It has no significant negative characteristics.  It can live to a ripe old age of 120 years old and has the potential to get 50′ tall though its rare to see them over 30′ in height.  As the original owner of the tree you could maybe expect to see 20′ in height with a 6′ spread.