Artemesia, Silver Mound

1′ high by 1-2′ wide. Silvery foliage on a plant that does well in full sun and dry soils.

Aruncus, Dwarf Goats Beard

.5-1′ high by .5-1′ wide.  Part sun to part shade. Moist to normal soil. White flowers in summer.

Aruncus, Goats Beard

3-4′ high by 2-3′ wide.  Full sun to partial sun. Wet to normal soils condition. White flowers in summer.

Asclepias, Butterfly Milkweed

2-3′ high by 2′ wide. Orange flowers in summer time. Handles dry soils.

Aster, Alert

1-1.5′ high by 1-1.5′ wide. Small palnt with reddish-purple flower color in fall.

Aster, Professor Kippenberg

1-1.5′ high by 1-1.5′ wide. Purple-blue flowers in the fall.

Aster, Purple Dome

1.5-2′ high by 2-2.5′ wide. Purple flowers in fall.

Aster, Woods Blue

1′ high by 1-2′ wide. Purple flowers in the fall.

Aster, Woods Pink

1-1.5′ high by 1-1.5′ wide. Pink flowers in fall. Plant in full sun.

Aster, Woods Purple

1-1.5′ high by 1-1.5′ wide. Purple flowers in the fall. Likes to be in full sun.

Astilbe chinensis ‘Amber Moon’

This bright beauty emerges in the spring on chartreuse yellow foliage with a tinge of red in spring.  As summer progresses the foliage turns to chartreuse green.  The tall blush red stems are topped with rosy pink flowers which are excellent for cutting.  this plant can reach 34-38″ of height with its long stemmed blooms.

Astilbe, Bridal Veil

2-3′ high by 3′ wide. White flowers in summer. Partial shade, prefers morning sun.

Astilbe, Fanal

1.5′ high by 1.5-2′ wide. Red flowers. Prefers light shade and a well drained soil.

Astilbe, Montgomery

1.5′ high by 1.5′ wide. Deep red flowers in mid-summer. Prefers light sun to shade.

Astilbe, Rheinland

1.5-2′ high by 1.5-2′ wide.  Light pink flowers in summer. Prefers partial shade.