Ornamental Grasses

Miscanthus, Zebra

6-8′ high by 3-4′ wide.  Green and white horizontal variegation.

Molina, Autumn Moor

6-8′ high by 4-6′ wide.  Up right grass that forms around neat clumps.

Panicum, Dallas Blue

4-5′ high by 3-4′ wide.  Blue-green foliage with a dense habit with pinkish flowers that come out in fall.

Panicum, Heavy Metal

4-5′ high by 3′ wide.  Green-blue foliage with a reddish-purple tint to them.

Panicum, Northwind

6-7′ high by 2-3′ wide.  Can grow in full sun to partial shade.

Panicum, Prairie Sky

4-5′ high by 4-5′ wide.  Prefers full sun with well drain soils,but can tolerate different soil types.

Panicum, Ruby Ribbons

3-4′ high by 2-3′ wide. Red foliage mixed in with some green foliage.

Panicum, Shenandoah

3-4′ high by 2-3′ wide. Foliage turns a reddish color in fall.

Pennisetum, Hameln

2′ high by 2′ wide. Is a dwarf grass that has brown plumes on it.

Pennisetum, Karley Rose

3′ high by 2′ wide. Foliage is green and arching with smoky pink plumes in summer to fall

Pennisetum, Little Bunny

1′ high by 1-2′ wide. Small grass with brown plumes on it from summer to fall.

Pennisetum, National Arboretum

2-3′ high by 2-3′ wide. Black flowers high above the dark green foliage of this grass.

Pennisetum, PennStripe

1.5-2′ high by 1.5-2′ wide. Is a thin bladed, white variegated grass that stays low to the ground.

Schizachyrium, Blaze Little Bluestem

3-4′ high by 2-3′ wide. Upright grass that has a brownish flower top.

Schizachyrium, The Blues

2-3′ high by 1.5-2.5′ wide.  Leaves are a blueish tint, that turn a purplish color in the fall.