Evergreen Trees

Pine, Arnold’s Sentinel

25′ high by 5′ wide. A smaller, narrower version on Austrian Pine.

Pine, Austrian

50′ high by 25′ wide. Can be as a good specimen or used for mass plantings or screening.

Pine, Columnar White

Another one of my favorite tree’s!  This is a nice fairly narrow pine, attaining 40′ high by 10-15” wide.  Soft needles, and a quick grower. Good for a small area in the landscape.

Pine, Japanese White

25′ wide by 10′ wide.  A bluish-green needles on an open growing pine tree.

Pine, Ponderosa

60′ wide by 30′ wide. Can be used as a specimen or mass plantings or screening. Can handle drier soils.

Pine, Vanderwolf

A truly beautiful Pine tree!  This choice soft needled Pine has a blue green foliage (needle).  The tree is smaller in size than the Eastern White Pine, allowing it to fit in the smallest of yards where an evergreen is desired.  An approximate size of 20′ high by 12′ wide should be expected.

Pine, Wates Golden

20-40′ high by 10-30′ wide. Golden needles on a pine tree.

Pine, White

60′ high by 30′ wide. Pine tree with softer needles and is a faster growing pine tree.

Pinus strobiformus (South Western White Pine)

Our growers keep suggesting that we try this pine as a replacement to the standard Eastern White Pine.  The tree is said to stay somewhat shorter and narrower than the Eastern white Pine while being more resistant to winter burn.  With that being said, we have begun using them as a substitute to White Pines at times.  There seems to be some differing discussion as to the mature size of the tree.  If I go with the consensus, you should expect around 30-50′ of height and 20-30′ of width.  I love the White Pine and look forward to using this SW White Pine as the new and improved version.  As the Scotch Pines die off, we will be looking for new options for a fast growing, reliable evergreen.

Spruce, Black Hills

25′ high by 10′ wide.  A smaller evergreen that can tolerant dry soils.

Spruce, Bruns

35′ high by 10′ wide.  A tall and narrow evergreen.

Spruce, Clanbrassiliana

5′ high by 5′ wide. This is a dwarf form of Norway Spruce.  Takes about 10 years to reach full growth.

Spruce, Colorado

50′ high by 20 wide.  Broad pyramidal evergreen.  Colors can vary between green to blue.

Spruce, Columnar Blue

20′ high by 5′ wide. Columnar spruce with a bluish tint on the needles.

Spruce, Fat Albert

15′ high by 10′ wide.  A smaller selection of the Blue Spruce.