Blackhills Flagstone

Blackhills is one of the main earth toned flagstones we utilize.  It ranges from 1.5-2.5″ in thickness and ranges from creams to browns.  It works well for earth toned and redish brick homes.

Blue-Brown Flagstone

Oklahoma Blue-Brown Flagstone will bring a beautiful color palette of brown, gray, bluish-gray and rust to your outdoor living area. The colors match practically any color house.  Great for patios, walkways, pool coping, wall caps or fireplace and hearths.  The slabs are approx: 1.5-3″ thick and cover approx: 70-100 sq feet per ton.

Colorado Red Flagstone

We utilize the pink flagstone on various projects as well.  It ranges from 1.5″-2.5″ in thickness.