Decorative Rock

Cobble Stone

Cobble stone is merely a larger form of River Rock.  It can be used in the landscape beds and is often utilized in the construction of water ways and water features.  The material itself ranges from just over 3″ on up to 7″.  The cost is higher than that of River rock and the labor to install it is generally higher, as it is harder to handle.

Osage Buff Rock

Osage Buff is a nice earth toned rock ranging from 3/4″ on up to 3″ in size.  It has the durability of River Rock with earth tone coloration.  We like to use this in situations where River Rock clashes.  It is sold by the ton.

River Rock

River rock ranges in size from 3/4 inch on up to 3″.  We also offer Cobble stone up to 5-7″.  This type of rock is utilized in landscape beds and water features.  We sell it by the ton in most cases.