Charcoal Gray Granite Boulders $260 per ton

Colorado Moss Rock

Colorado Moss Rock boulders.  A sandstone that is covered in Lichen (a.k.a moss) allowing for a very natural rustic appearance.  Note: They are very attractive in the landscape and ponds but tend to break up over time in water features.

Glacial Granite $205 per ton

Glacial Granite Boulders are our standard building blocks in the landscape.  They are colorful, permanent features of the landscape that add character and dimension.

Limestone Boulders

We carry Limestone boulders ranging from 6″ thick slabs on up to 2′ by 4′ boulders.  They are perfect for natural retaining walls and look nice in combination with earth toned homes.  They are relatively inexpensive but they are not as long lived as granite or moss rock.