Materials Database

Anchor Wall – Retaining wall systems

Landmark Landscapes utilizes many brands of retaining wall system, we lean towards Anchor wall.  Due to the shear number of options out there, here are some web sites:

Anchor Wall:  anchorwall.com/walls

Versa-lok:  https://www.versa-lok.com/products

Belgian Tumbled Edger

We utilize these as needed on essentially linear (straight lined beds) beds.

They measure 4 1/2″ x 12″ x 3 1/2″ and are made of concrete.  They work nicely when you are after a more stylish edge than that of plastic edging.  They come in (4) colors which are represented below as:  Autumn Blend, Quarry Gray, Sienna, and Tan.  Note:  heavy riding lawn mowers can alter or move these over time.

Blackhills Flagstone

Blackhills is one of the main earth toned flagstones we utilize.  It ranges from 1.5-2.5″ in thickness and ranges from creams to browns.  It works well for earth toned and redish brick homes.

Blue-Brown Flagstone

Oklahoma Blue-Brown Flagstone will bring a beautiful color palette of brown, gray, bluish-gray and rust to your outdoor living area. The colors match practically any color house.  Great for patios, walkways, pool coping, wall caps or fireplace and hearths.  The slabs are approx: 1.5-3″ thick and cover approx: 70-100 sq feet per ton.

Castle Wall Hearth and Railing

Here is an example of Castle Wall Block application in the landscape.  In this photo, we utilized Castle Wall Block to build both a hearth and railing that can be used as a sitting wall.

Chocolate mulch

We offer a brown dyed mulch, our most popular seller by far.  It’s sold by the yard.

Cobble Stone

Cobble stone is merely a larger form of River Rock.  It can be used in the landscape beds and is often utilized in the construction of water ways and water features.  The material itself ranges from just over 3″ on up to 7″.  The cost is higher than that of River rock and the labor to install it is generally higher, as it is harder to handle.

Colorado Moss Rock

Colorado Moss Rock boulders.  A sandstone that is covered in Lichen (a.k.a moss) allowing for a very natural rustic appearance.  Note: They are very attractive in the landscape and ponds but tend to break up over time in water features.

Colorado Red Flagstone

We utilize the pink flagstone on various projects as well.  It ranges from 1.5″-2.5″ in thickness.

Espresso mulch

We offer an exceptionally dark brown known as Coffee (some call it black) dyed mulch.  It sells by the yard.

Glacial Granite

Glacial Granite Boulders are our standard building blocks in the landscape.  They are colorful, permanent features of the landscape that add character and dimension.

Interloc Edgers 3-3/8″ x 12″ x 3-3/8″

We also utilize these types of concrete brick edgers.  They are essentially what we go to if the bed is going to have some curvature to it.  The colors represented below by the pictures are:  Gray, Red, Red/Black, and Tan.

Note:  these can be damaged by riding lawn mowers as well.

Kichler (15310) – Dome Path Lighter

The Kichler (15310) is the most utilized path lighter that we offer.  It offers a nice look while maintaining a reasonable price.  The fixture is made of aluminum to prevent corrosion and rust. The light comes with a 16.25 watt lamp that provides about a 15′ circle of illumination.

Kichler (15384) – Directional Flood Light

We often utilize the Kichler (15384) Directional Flood Light as our tool to up light and or spot light unique features in the landscape.  This fixture is in architectural bronze and is made of aluminum for long lasting dependability.  We generally match it to a 20 watt MR-16 lamp for energy efficient lighting.

LED Retrofit bulbs are available. Upgrade your conventional outdoor lighting system and SAVE THE PLANET!

G4 Bipin LED – Dynasty
(1.5W; Replaces 15-Watt Halogen) 
The Dynasty® G4 Bipin LED lamp is designed specifically for landscape lighting retrofit. This compact LED utilizes CAO Group’s patented High-Flux LED and also features a multi-directional beam pattern. This bipin is energy efficient, water resistant. Ideal for pathway lighting fixtures.
  • Engineered for landscape lighting fixtures
  • 1.5 Watts
  • 100 Lumens
  • 8-24VAC
  • Includes T-5 Wedge Adapter
  • Available in 2700 & 5700 Kelvin Temperatures, as well as Red, Green, Blue, & Amber
  • CRI: 85
  • Nichia Chipset
  • 35,000 Hour Lamp Life
  • Conformal-Coated PC Board
  • Dimmable with most magnetic transformers
  • 5-Year Warranty
Brilliance LED MR-16  
(4W; Replaces 20-Watt Halogen)
(5W; Replaces 35-Watt Halogen)
(7W; Replaces 50-Watt Halogen) 
Our 4th Generation Brilliance LED MR-16 LED lamp has been redesigned to better fit into standard, low voltage, fixtures. These LED’s are thermally engineered to operate in enclosed fixtures, and they also feature our own enhanced ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) Protection (IEC-61000-4-2), as well as our own built-in Heat Overload Protection Technology – which gives you added security by automatically cooling down (and reducing lumens output) only when exposed to extreme heat (air temperatures above 125ºF). Best of all, there is no color shift when lumens output is reduced, and overall lamp life is improved. When extreme temperatures drop below 125ºF, full lumens output will automatically resume.
  • Built-In Heat Overload Protection Technology
  • UL Listed & FCC Compliant
  • Available in 2200, 2700, 3000, & 5700 Kelvin Temperatures, as well as Red, Green, Blue, & Amber (Colors available in 4-Watt & 5-Watt only)
  • Available in 15º, 30º, & 60º Beam Angles
  • Available in 4 Watts, 5 Watts, & 7 Watts
  • 8-25VAC
  • Maximum Current – 4W: 0.6A; 5W: 0.8A; 7W: 1.2A
  • CRI: 85
  • CREE Chipset
  • 50,000 Hours Lamp Life
  • Fully Potted PC Board
  • Dimmable with most magnetic transformers
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Patent Pending