Unique Products

Duncan – During construction

Here is our work in progress on the sunken grotto.  Note how we took the bridge from reinforced steel, added 3″ of high tinsel strength concrete, and then ran our pavers right over the top.  We have 4′ reinforced steel and concrete piers on all four corners of the bride as well.  Don’t want it to move!!!  In the end, we will finish out this landscape using many of our customers initial plantings as we saved them when it proved beneficial.  I will take some pictures in a year and show you the project filled out with colorful plantings.

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels are wonderful ways to re-utilize rain water while maintaining a decorative look for the right home.

Rain Chains

Rain chains can be utilized as gutter replacements.  Rain water follows the chains down and may be collected via rain barrels and or diverted to underground storage devices.