Continued upgrades to our first swing set

To think my family started with a swing set.  Maybe I felt I’d missed out on some portion of my childhood?  Maybe my sons thought it a great idea?  No matter how it transpired, this is our upgraded swing set.  It offers a working water faucet in addition to two fully functional water cannons.  The platforms add new meaning to water fights and serve as great defensive positions for my children to pummel me with water as I try to storm the fort.  If you or your children are into play and want to explore some fun construction projects in your back yard just give us a call.

Custom fort with slide and rock climbing wall

We had fun on this project.  Rather than mowing a challenging slope, our customer went with a play area for the kids and took the mowing out of play.  Snap steps complement the bouldered bank, allowing for a more manageable elevation change.  Fun project.  Still needs a water cannon though!

Keep in mind we are capable of more than just landscaping!  We handle projects from decks and pergolas to garages and small additions.  We offer special pricing for those of you whom are willing to wait till our off season (December – March).

Dalton project

We took this back yard to the next level last fall 2014′.  We removed the concrete, added large pavers a sitting wall and this nice fire pit kit.  We utilized Lumberman’s and Outdoor Solutions as our material suppliers on this joint project.  We made a friend along the way as well!

Deck built during winter pre-season

Here our customers took advantage of our discounted winter labor rates and had us build them a deck.  This particular deck utilized preasure treated lumber and took a few days.  Landscaping came later.

Deumic – Castle wall and Holland pavers

Here we addressed not only the drainage issues but also added a nice sitting area and landscaping.  We used standard Holland pavers and Castle wall block to create a more open airy feel.  The deck was expanded upon and resurfaced with a composite product “Trex”.  Multiple levels were created.  Wire’s wereran throughout the project to allow for easy lighting installation later in life.  A dry creek bed and hidden drain tile direct water away from the house now.  All in all, a nice practical addition to an existing yard.

Duncan – A before picture of a drainage problem.

This was another technical project for Landmark Landscapes.  Our customer continued to have water seepage in their basement.  Standard drainage proceedures were utilized to no avail.  In the end, a special group was formed consisting of various specialists and an engineer, with Landmark Landscapes being a player in this process.  We unfortunately, had to tear out an existing pavered walkway, boulders, lighting, and landscaping trees, shrubs and perennials.  The picture merely shows how we lowered the entire front yard by close to 24″.  With the grade down past the level where the house essentially sat on the poured foundation, the seepage ended.  Do to the grade change we were forced to come up with a plan that allowed for an attractive entry while still allowing easy flow of water from the home.  We came up with a sunken grotto effect.  The trees, shrubs and most of the perennials were saved and taken care of at our nursery, while construction ensued.  Do to the lay out and grade changes a bridge was required.  We wanted to re-utilize the pavers as well and this became a challenge as well, since we needed a bridge of concrete and steel for ridgidity.  In the end, most of the initial landscape was reutilized and the main water issues were fixed.

Duncan – After picture of dry creek bed installation

We installed a dry creek bed and additional drainage.  It added to the landscaping and fixed a problem.  On many projects now a days we add short dry creek beds at key gutters. We find it improves the overall look of the landscaping and aids with drainage.

Duncan – During construction

Here is our work in progress on the sunken grotto.  Note how we took the bridge from reinforced steel, added 3″ of high tinsel strength concrete, and then ran our pavers right over the top.  We have 4′ reinforced steel and concrete piers on all four corners of the bride as well.  Don’t want it to move!!!  In the end, we will finish out this landscape using many of our customers initial plantings as we saved them when it proved beneficial.  I will take some pictures in a year and show you the project filled out with colorful plantings.

Duncan – Pavered Bridge Completed

Here is our first steel and concrete bridge finished in pavers.  Built from scratch, looks wonderful when under lighted at night.  I will provide additional photos when the plants fill out in a year.

Duncan – The bridge, prior to pavers

Here is the beginning of what will become our pavered bridge.

Examples of Hidden Gardens

Here are some fine examples of hidden gardens.  They all gravitate to one unifying theme, privacy.  If your needing that special place to unwind than a hidden garden is right for you.  Privacy is generally attained through trees, fences and or walls in the case of metropolitan settings.  Think long and hard on your end goals and don’t hesitate to bring in a professional for some help with planning.

Fire pit – Glacial Granite Boulders

Here is an example of a fire pit using glacial granite stones or field stone.  They can be as simple as a campfire or more complex using fire rings and mortar such as some of these.  Your tast is the final say.

Fire pit using Granite boulders built into sitting wall

Here we built the fire pit right into the sitting wall.  You could say we killed two birds with one stone… well a few actually.


Hello folks here is a great link to many of the fire pits and or fire places offered here in the Lincoln area.  If you see something you like contact Outdoor Solutions or us if a complete turn key installation is in order.  Another option would be to go directly to  Belgard’s website.  You will find many idea’s and options for your dream yard get away!


Fritz – A tree and bouldered lined circle drive.

Here our customer wanted to remedy some problem mowing while still maintaining a natural look.  Our remedy was to build in boulders and add a complementary selection of trees for color and interest.  Now they just allow the buffalo grass to grow and enjoy.  Yes, I will approach them about lighting someday!