Granite bouldered wall/berm

Here granite boulders are used in the landscape as retainage along the neighbors property line.

Hidden Flagstone Patio

Wooded lots offer unique opportunities in the landscape arena.  This lot allowed for a secluded patio of flagstone.  Throw in some subtle landscape lighting and you’ve created a warm, quite, intimate space.

Hobbs – Pergola with swing and screen

Here Landmark Landscapes combined some construction skills with landscaping skills to package a nicely landscaped patio and pergola.  The pergola was built out of Cedar and was beefed up to handle additional weight from the swing.  It’s not visible but we actually have a steel beam built into this pergola so we new it could handle an additional 400 lb’s or so.

Klement – Project before and after pictures.

Here is what we began with on this project.  Little do I know at present but this is going to turn into a turn key project for us.  First in, last out… we inevitably walk this project right through all phases of construction.

Klement – Re-working a problem area with too much slope

Initially, they were thinking turf.  In the end, a dry creek with landscaping to stabilize the bank became a more plausible answer.  This dry creek bed handles hard rains, channeling excess water through both turf areas and landscaped sections.


Landscaped creek

A beautiful creek naturalized through landscaping.

Lee – An after picture

In this case, our customer had purchased a home and was left with some challenging problems.  The prior home owner had built a wall that didn’t fit into the new home owners game plan.  We were commisioned to take out the old and bring in the new.  The wall was failing in spots and re-building it with out having a source for additional stone to match, was not an option.  This renovation involved adding natural Limestone snap steps, pavered walkways, a patio, a pondless water feature and landscaping.  The customer wanted rock instead of mulch to lessen maintenance.  I’m still a mulch fan, especially when boulders are being utilized.  The mulch adds contrast to the boulders and really allows them to stand out.  For customers that are after reduced maintenance, this maybe the way to go.  In time, proper placement of plantings will allow for nice contrast as they mature and fill in the river rocked areas.

Lighted pillars and flagstone

Castle wall pillars with accent lighting on Black Hills Supreme flagstone.

Lighted steps 1

In these steps, we used special low voltage lights that with some work can be made to fit right into the block itself.

Lighted steps 2

Great hardscaping deserves lighting!  Here a charming pathway and steps are utilized into the evening with the use of proper path lighting.

Limestone boulder wall

A nicely done wall using limestone boulders.

Limestone wall and steps

Here is an example of 12″ Limestone wall block and 6-8″ Limestone steppers.

M. Benes – Cobble around the pool

Here we chose to utilize cobble stone around the pool to minimize the mulch which could blow into the pool.  The cobble tends to keep large dogs out of the beds as well not to mention I think it’s a nice and unique alternative to standard issue river rock.

M. Benes – Curved retaining wall w/steps

A curved retaining wall with lighted steps.

M. Benes – Fire pit

Here we utiilized two different colored retaining wall blocks which she already had on hand.  The intent was to create a sunked fire pit area which offered additional seating.  How did we do?