Garden Structures and Decks

A gallery of composite deck ideas

We feel the back bone of  every landscape is a great hardscape.  Most hardscapes involve the addition of one or more structures, may it be a deck, a gazebo, or even a pergola.  That being said, we expanded our skill sets to handle those types of projects.  The construction industry is seeing a great surge of new environmentally friendly products such as composite decking materials.  Here are a few deck ideas for you to contemplate when dreaming on your future outdoor environment.

Composite Decks

Composite decks are another skill set we offer.  Composite has come along ways!  With so many colors and features it’s hard to beat.  To some it’s cost prohibitive as the over all materials cost is almost twice that of Pressure treated.  At the same time, it’s longevity is tough to beat.  A well built composite deck can last 20-30 years with no painting or staining!

I feel it only makes sense to combine all of your outdoor projects under one roof when ever possible.  It comes down to a good product for a fair price.  We at Landmark Landscapes are making good on that philosophy.  By contracting with us you can combine a landscape, hardscape, deck, fence and outdoor lighting project all in one turn key package.  By combining various small to large projects into one comprehensive plan and or project, we can offer a better price and keep all of the tasks running on a smooth schedule.  This makes life for you new construction home owners a breeze and stretches your dollar.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Custom fort with slide and rock climbing wall

We had fun on this project.  Rather than mowing a challenging slope, our customer went with a play area for the kids and took the mowing out of play.  Snap steps complement the bouldered bank, allowing for a more manageable elevation change.  Fun project.  Still needs a water cannon though!

Keep in mind we are capable of more than just landscaping!  We handle projects from decks and pergolas to garages and small additions.  We offer special pricing for those of you whom are willing to wait till our off season (December – March).

Deck built during winter pre-season

Here our customers took advantage of our discounted winter labor rates and had us build them a deck.  This particular deck utilized preasure treated lumber and took a few days.  Landscaping came later.

Deumic – Castle wall and Holland pavers

Here we addressed not only the drainage issues but also added a nice sitting area and landscaping.  We used standard Holland pavers and Castle wall block to create a more open airy feel.  The deck was expanded upon and resurfaced with a composite product “Trex”.  Multiple levels were created.  Wire’s wereran throughout the project to allow for easy lighting installation later in life.  A dry creek bed and hidden drain tile direct water away from the house now.  All in all, a nice practical addition to an existing yard.

Duncan – During construction

Here is our work in progress on the sunken grotto.  Note how we took the bridge from reinforced steel, added 3″ of high tinsel strength concrete, and then ran our pavers right over the top.  We have 4′ reinforced steel and concrete piers on all four corners of the bride as well.  Don’t want it to move!!!  In the end, we will finish out this landscape using many of our customers initial plantings as we saved them when it proved beneficial.  I will take some pictures in a year and show you the project filled out with colorful plantings.

Duncan – Pavered Bridge Completed

Here is our first steel and concrete bridge finished in pavers.  Built from scratch, looks wonderful when under lighted at night.  I will provide additional photos when the plants fill out in a year.

Hobbs – Pergola with swing and screen

Here Landmark Landscapes combined some construction skills with landscaping skills to package a nicely landscaped patio and pergola.  The pergola was built out of Cedar and was beefed up to handle additional weight from the swing.  It’s not visible but we actually have a steel beam built into this pergola so we new it could handle an additional 400 lb’s or so.

Matthews – A before picture prior to construction

This project began as a deck and gazebo but grew into much more.

Matthews – After construction, hardscaping, landscaping and lighting.

We built a custom deck and gazebo using Trex.  Incorperated tumbled pavers into the landings below each set of steps.  Low voltage lighting throughout the structure and landscaping ensured extended enjoyment even into the evening hours.  We were blessed to come accross these customers who now utilize all of our services.

Mohr – Tree House

Here is another example of a nice play house or tree fort if you prefer.  We even added Low voltage lighting to the interior of this nicely built project.  Nice job Chad.  We later went on to re-landscape, grade out and drain the back yard, removed and added new driveways, moved and added to the fence, plus we added pavered patios to the back and walkways to the front.

Outdoor living space, where does it start and stop?

I searched the internet to find the perfect definition of an outdoor living space, and to my surprise I came up short, even Wikipedia left me hanging.  In my opinion, creating an inviting outdoor living space is similar to that of changing your house into a home.  They both require an investment of time and materials. They both require the owner to personalize the space.  Some of the adverbs I’d utilize to describe this place would be, comfortable, welcoming, functional, interesting,… etc.  Establishing such takes ability, creativity, experience, and a personal investment in the effort (a.k.a “time and money”).  This definition includes both you and the people doing the work.

Outdoor living can consist of both structural and natural elements.  The tactful combination of these elements determines the overall success of the project.  Structural elements that come to mind include but are not limited to a pergola, deck, outdoor furniture, grill, patio, fire pit, hearth, etc.  Natural elements would be plantings, lighting, contours, fragrance, water, stone, sound, etc.  The outdoor living space is not to be confused with an outdoor kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen is simply structural elements in combination with the needed appliances to cook outdoors.   Therefore the outdoor living space may include an outdoor kitchen but is not limited to having one.  A growing trend in residential landscaping is that of placing more emphasis into the outdoor living space.  This is perhaps one of the most cost effective home improvements.

Improving your home is always a good investment. In the current economic environment, people are staying home.  Adding to your home’s value is smart, it positions you well if ever decide to sell your home as it makes your home more marketable.  At the same time, it improves your way of life and adds to your overall health and well being by placing you in direct contact with the outdoors.

Tennity – After pictures.

Here are some after installation photos.  Note:  the color both in bloom and foliage.  Contrast is everywhere, and bold distinctions abound through this landscape.  We installed a retaining wall for the elevation changed to accommodate the pool.  As you can see we added a dry creek bed to eliminate trapped water.  Then we installed a flagstone path to the golf course.

Tree fort – My first water cannon

Built this in my basement out of PVC pipe and assorted fittings. We plumbed water right up the tree and now the kids can spray each other or the dog from over 35′. The kids and I love it!

Tree fort fun

Here is what we men build when something was missing from our childhood. At the same time, we love building things at Landmark, and building for kids is even better! This particular fort comes with two working water cannons and running water on multiple levels. Trap doors and swinging cranes with pulley systems add the children’s fun.