For the Kids

Continued upgrades to our first swing set

To think my family started with a swing set.  Maybe I felt I’d missed out on some portion of my childhood?  Maybe my sons thought it a great idea?  No matter how it transpired, this is our upgraded swing set.  It offers a working water faucet in addition to two fully functional water cannons.  The platforms add new meaning to water fights and serve as great defensive positions for my children to pummel me with water as I try to storm the fort.  If you or your children are into play and want to explore some fun construction projects in your back yard just give us a call.

Custom fort with slide and rock climbing wall

We had fun on this project.  Rather than mowing a challenging slope, our customer went with a play area for the kids and took the mowing out of play.  Snap steps complement the bouldered bank, allowing for a more manageable elevation change.  Fun project.  Still needs a water cannon though!

Keep in mind we are capable of more than just landscaping!  We handle projects from decks and pergolas to garages and small additions.  We offer special pricing for those of you whom are willing to wait till our off season (December – March).

Here are a few pictures of model railroads. I’ve been apart in,some are from my very own set.

Model railroading is a genuinely rewarding hobby.  It requires patience and attention to detail.  I will add to this post from time to time with additional pictures.  Here are some shots from my layout in HO scale.

Here are some wonderful pictures of an amazing G Scale (Garden Scale) Railroad here in Lincoln, NE

These photo’s are from a very nice local G Scale Railroad here in Lincoln.  Note:  The shots were taken this winter.  With any luck I will be adding some photo’s of the set when it comes to life this spring.

M. Benes – Limestone chip makes a wonderfull playground base

This project covered all sorts of outdoor projects.  The picture here shows how easily a playground can come to life in your own backyard when the right materials are utilized.  Here we incorporated .25″ limestone base material through out the playground area.  We vibratory plated the limestone so as to create a hardened surface.  We also introduced a climbing area for the kids made out of natural limestone boulders and low maintenance plants for additional interest.

Mohr – Tree House

Here is another example of a nice play house or tree fort if you prefer.  We even added Low voltage lighting to the interior of this nicely built project.  Nice job Chad.  We later went on to re-landscape, grade out and drain the back yard, removed and added new driveways, moved and added to the fence, plus we added pavered patios to the back and walkways to the front.

Snow Fortress

Next time you have a nice snow and feel energetic, here is a fun project for the family.  Your kids will love it.

Tree fort – My first water cannon

Built this in my basement out of PVC pipe and assorted fittings. We plumbed water right up the tree and now the kids can spray each other or the dog from over 35′. The kids and I love it!

Tree fort fun

Here is what we men build when something was missing from our childhood. At the same time, we love building things at Landmark, and building for kids is even better! This particular fort comes with two working water cannons and running water on multiple levels. Trap doors and swinging cranes with pulley systems add the children’s fun.

Unique Fencing Ideas

Here are a few ideas for non traditional fencing.  Some would be perfect for kids others are merely an inexpensive way to keep those precious gardens free from unwanted pests.