Construction and Remodeling Ideas

Pergola – Lighted with water feature

Outdoor structures add so many options to the outdoor environment.  Here we have a covered structure with lighting and a water feature.  Lots of interest, what a great way to whine down at the end of a hectic day.

Pergola as part of an outdoor room

Today the trend is to bring the living space outside.  Here a pergola was used in conjunction with outdoor furniture and other amendities.  As one can see, a classy yet comfortable look and feel is well within reach.

Poolside – Projects

As I said before, pools make our job easier.  Look at the color and interest, couple that with the reflection off the water and you have a recipe for success.

Screened Porches Ideas

Here are some great examples of screened porches.  If you see an example of what you would like, just give us a call.  We prefer to do this type of work after our busy landscaping season slows down, closer to winter.  Lets us enclose your covered porch during our down time and save yourself some money at the same time.

Tennity – A beginning… there was turf?

Here is what we started with in July. A basic back yard with a large expanse of turf and limited landscaping. The Tennity’s had quite the check list of needs. Our plan covered most of them, and we added a few additions along the way to bring the entire project together. To date this has been my toughest back yard renovation and most rewarding. I’ve learned a great deal from this project. Namely, with the right equipment, planning, and motivation, anything is possible.

Tennity – After pictures.

Here are some after installation photos.  Note:  the color both in bloom and foliage.  Contrast is everywhere, and bold distinctions abound through this landscape.  We installed a retaining wall for the elevation changed to accommodate the pool.  As you can see we added a dry creek bed to eliminate trapped water.  Then we installed a flagstone path to the golf course.

Tree fort – My first water cannon

Built this in my basement out of PVC pipe and assorted fittings. We plumbed water right up the tree and now the kids can spray each other or the dog from over 35′. The kids and I love it!

Tree fort fun

Here is what we men build when something was missing from our childhood. At the same time, we love building things at Landmark, and building for kids is even better! This particular fort comes with two working water cannons and running water on multiple levels. Trap doors and swinging cranes with pulley systems add the children’s fun.

Unique Fencing Ideas

Here are a few ideas for non traditional fencing.  Some would be perfect for kids others are merely an inexpensive way to keep those precious gardens free from unwanted pests.

Williams – Project before and afters

Privacy was gained through the installation of large trees, some topping out at 4″ caliper. We also utilized grade change through berming and boulder work to elevate our plantings. Elevation change also aided us in providing our customer with a nice water feature. Hardscaping in the form of pavers and castle wall added additional usable space to the back yard. A natural gas fire pit was installed to take the chill out of those cold Nebraska nights. Lastly, we installed lighting on both the landscaping, hardscaping, and the house itself. Here we did our best to better life for this uprooted Mizzu fan. May your ship sail strong on this ever present sea of red.

Window wells

Window wells don’t have to be bland and boring.  Using the right block can add form and function to those troubled spaces.

Zysset – Project after pictures

This project is filling in nicely wouldn’t you say.   This was a major renovation, with essentially most of the back yard being torn out.  We worked around the large trees, contracted concrete experts to weave the sidewalk and steps through the landscape down the slope.  The deck was added using composit materials for durability.  A sound system was built into the landscape as construction ensued, lighting was also built into the project.  This picture just doesn’t do the project justice, you just have to be there and interact with the space to have a feel for how much is going on!