Construction and Remodeling Ideas

Duncan – Pavered Bridge Completed

Here is our first steel and concrete bridge finished in pavers.  Built from scratch, looks wonderful when under lighted at night.  I will provide additional photos when the plants fill out in a year.

Duncan – The bridge, prior to pavers

Here is the beginning of what will become our pavered bridge.

Fire pit using Granite boulders built into sitting wall

Here we built the fire pit right into the sitting wall.  You could say we killed two birds with one stone… well a few actually.


Hello folks here is a great link to many of the fire pits and or fire places offered here in the Lincoln area.  If you see something you like contact Outdoor Solutions or us if a complete turn key installation is in order.  Another option would be to go directly to  Belgard’s website.  You will find many idea’s and options for your dream yard get away!


Kitchen remodel before and after

Here is our first Kitchen remodel by Landmark Landscapes.  Our minimum goal was the addition of granite counter tops.  Along the way a nice concept came into play and additional changes came with pleasing results.  These pictures give you a quick before and after picture.  We offer remodeling and a wide range of construction services at a reduced labor rate during the winter months.  Call us for an estimate prior to the winter months as we do fill up quickly.


Note: the center island’s length, cabinet hardware, obviously the counter top, sink and faucet, back splash, and lighting, plus color schemes.

Lee – An after picture

In this case, our customer had purchased a home and was left with some challenging problems.  The prior home owner had built a wall that didn’t fit into the new home owners game plan.  We were commisioned to take out the old and bring in the new.  The wall was failing in spots and re-building it with out having a source for additional stone to match, was not an option.  This renovation involved adding natural Limestone snap steps, pavered walkways, a patio, a pondless water feature and landscaping.  The customer wanted rock instead of mulch to lessen maintenance.  I’m still a mulch fan, especially when boulders are being utilized.  The mulch adds contrast to the boulders and really allows them to stand out.  For customers that are after reduced maintenance, this maybe the way to go.  In time, proper placement of plantings will allow for nice contrast as they mature and fill in the river rocked areas.

Limestone wall and steps

Here is an example of 12″ Limestone wall block and 6-8″ Limestone steppers.

M. Benes – Curved retaining wall w/steps

A curved retaining wall with lighted steps.

M. Benes – Limestone chip makes a wonderfull playground base

This project covered all sorts of outdoor projects.  The picture here shows how easily a playground can come to life in your own backyard when the right materials are utilized.  Here we incorporated .25″ limestone base material through out the playground area.  We vibratory plated the limestone so as to create a hardened surface.  We also introduced a climbing area for the kids made out of natural limestone boulders and low maintenance plants for additional interest.

Matthews – A before picture prior to construction

This project began as a deck and gazebo but grew into much more.

Matthews – After construction, hardscaping, landscaping and lighting.

We built a custom deck and gazebo using Trex.  Incorperated tumbled pavers into the landings below each set of steps.  Low voltage lighting throughout the structure and landscaping ensured extended enjoyment even into the evening hours.  We were blessed to come accross these customers who now utilize all of our services.

Mohr – Tree House

Here is another example of a nice play house or tree fort if you prefer.  We even added Low voltage lighting to the interior of this nicely built project.  Nice job Chad.  We later went on to re-landscape, grade out and drain the back yard, removed and added new driveways, moved and added to the fence, plus we added pavered patios to the back and walkways to the front.

Natural stone wall with curves

Here is a nicely done natural stone wall.  It has nice curves, and functional steps that complement the wall materials.  The plantings choosen use a scale that compliments the wall well.

Outdoor living space, where does it start and stop?

I searched the internet to find the perfect definition of an outdoor living space, and to my surprise I came up short, even Wikipedia left me hanging.  In my opinion, creating an inviting outdoor living space is similar to that of changing your house into a home.  They both require an investment of time and materials. They both require the owner to personalize the space.  Some of the adverbs I’d utilize to describe this place would be, comfortable, welcoming, functional, interesting,… etc.  Establishing such takes ability, creativity, experience, and a personal investment in the effort (a.k.a “time and money”).  This definition includes both you and the people doing the work.

Outdoor living can consist of both structural and natural elements.  The tactful combination of these elements determines the overall success of the project.  Structural elements that come to mind include but are not limited to a pergola, deck, outdoor furniture, grill, patio, fire pit, hearth, etc.  Natural elements would be plantings, lighting, contours, fragrance, water, stone, sound, etc.  The outdoor living space is not to be confused with an outdoor kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen is simply structural elements in combination with the needed appliances to cook outdoors.   Therefore the outdoor living space may include an outdoor kitchen but is not limited to having one.  A growing trend in residential landscaping is that of placing more emphasis into the outdoor living space.  This is perhaps one of the most cost effective home improvements.

Improving your home is always a good investment. In the current economic environment, people are staying home.  Adding to your home’s value is smart, it positions you well if ever decide to sell your home as it makes your home more marketable.  At the same time, it improves your way of life and adds to your overall health and well being by placing you in direct contact with the outdoors.


Tumbled pavers add class and maintain that rustic feel.  Here is a link to a local provider of pavers Outdoor Solutions and the parent company Belgard which manufactures them.  Be sure to look through Belgards web site.  You will fins a wealth of useful ideas and information.