A beautiful job has all the right components.

Here is a professionally done landscape.  Take notice of all the colors, textures, contrasting sizes and shapes.  An interesting landscape is comprised of many elements, coordinated into one attractive theme.

A gallery of composite deck ideas

We feel the back bone of  every landscape is a great hardscape.  Most hardscapes involve the addition of one or more structures, may it be a deck, a gazebo, or even a pergola.  That being said, we expanded our skill sets to handle those types of projects.  The construction industry is seeing a great surge of new environmentally friendly products such as composite decking materials.  Here are a few deck ideas for you to contemplate when dreaming on your future outdoor environment.

A reminder that plants GROW.

Every now and then I come across the craziest of pictures. Here we have the perfect example of people not considering how large an item is potentially going to grow. I see this all the time, maybe not this extreme but none the less many designers and or “do it yourselfers” don’t have a clue or just don’t care. Please get some facts on the plants you intend to install. Today the Internet offers fantastic information on plant material. We try to list the specifications on those plants we like to utilize in our web site. If you go with a landscaping professional, do some checking and take a look at there credentials. Knowledge and experience go a long ways in making your landscape project a success.

Acreage clearing

In the winter months, we like to work on projects that still entail the outdoors when ever possible. On many occasions, we offer great winter labor rates for this  type of work. Winter duties can entail large scale soil moving such as lake construction, underbrush removal in wooded locations, we have carved out walking paths through the woods, and we are always available to take down the unfortunate Nematode strickened pines. Give us a call if your interested in some winter work at a great price!

An outdoor courtyard

Here you have a charming outdoor courtyard effect.  Segmented block, pavers, color and contour, comprise the finished product.

Beautiful way to handle drainage.

Look at how artistically the drainage is handled in this project.  Stone elements, decorative rock and softscaping in the form of plant material.  Stunning!

Bouldered Bank

Here is a nice example of boulders as the building blocks of a landscape.  Glacial Granite boulders are used as the wall element, granted man made products work nicely as well.  With this naturalized setting however we think boulders really makes the project.

Bouldered terraces and landscaping

A hill side done in boulders and plantings makes an attractive, interesting addition to any slope.

Castle Wall Hearth and Railing

Here is an example of Castle Wall Block application in the landscape.  In this photo, we utilized Castle Wall Block to build both a hearth and railing that can be used as a sitting wall.

Cedar Platform Deck

We enjoy building quality decks.  Cedar is still our preferred medium of choice but we also build decks in pressure treated Pine and Composite.  This particular deck (Cedar) has metal spindles and wrap around steps.  The deck transitions down to a cobblestone look of patio pavers.

Colorado Moss Rock

Colorado Moss Rock boulders.  A sandstone that is covered in Lichen (a.k.a moss) allowing for a very natural rustic appearance.  Note: They are very attractive in the landscape and ponds but tend to break up over time in water features.

Composite Decks

Composite decks are another skill set we offer.  Composite has come along ways!  With so many colors and features it’s hard to beat.  To some it’s cost prohibitive as the over all materials cost is almost twice that of Pressure treated.  At the same time, it’s longevity is tough to beat.  A well built composite deck can last 20-30 years with no painting or staining!

I feel it only makes sense to combine all of your outdoor projects under one roof when ever possible.  It comes down to a good product for a fair price.  We at Landmark Landscapes are making good on that philosophy.  By contracting with us you can combine a landscape, hardscape, deck, fence and outdoor lighting project all in one turn key package.  By combining various small to large projects into one comprehensive plan and or project, we can offer a better price and keep all of the tasks running on a smooth schedule.  This makes life for you new construction home owners a breeze and stretches your dollar.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Concrete culvert

Here we took on our first culvert project.  I’d say it turned out nicely for our first attempt at forming and pouring a culvert.

Concrete vs Pavers

We admit the tendency is towards paver’s but concrete works nicely as well.  Here is a before shot of pool project prior to concrete.

Container Idea 1

Container idea 1:  Color via containers.