Acreage clearing

In the winter months, we like to work on projects that still entail the outdoors when ever possible. On many occasions, we offer great winter labor rates for this  type of work. Winter duties can entail large scale soil moving such as lake construction, underbrush removal in wooded locations, we have carved out walking paths through the woods, and we are always available to take down the unfortunate Nematode strickened pines. Give us a call if your interested in some winter work at a great price!

Acreage Trees!!!

Acreage owners should be aware that we offer some of the best deals in town on high quality, locally grown trees. We offer various sizes that range from smaller caliper trees on up to 4″ caliper 16′ +specimen grade trees. Don’t worry about damage from large tree spades and the stresses that are associated with spaded trees. We can generally move in even large caliper trees with minimal damage to existing turf.

We also offer special pricing on pre-season ordering of native plant material for naturalizing effects associated with acreages.

Cornus Mas a.k.a Cornelian cherry

This is a nice ornamental tree that can be placed close to the home as a foundation planting.  The mature height is around 15-20′ with a spread of equal values.  The tree is one of the first to bloom with the approach of spring.  Cornus Mas or Cornelian Cherry as it is sometimes called can bloom as early as March.  It’s bright yellow blossoms light up the landscape and let one know, that spring is just around the corner.  This tree offers a pleasing fall color display that can range from maroons and reds to yellows.  It’s fruit is very edible and quite tasty.  Those of you into Jam and or wine could readily acquire a new ingredient!

Featured Project

Well folks it would seem as though we are finally, caught up!!!  We are running some nice specials on fall tree plantings.  Right now we have real good turn around time on any projects involving plantings as the weather can change on a dime.  I’ve included a before and almost after picture of a project we did just last month.  It involved replacing the existing decks with an elevated patio of pavers and veneered block walls.  We added a bubbler boulder feature, lighting, and irrigation so the pots can now be readily watered even when they are traveling.  We did all the work in house!  We are just finding, that it’s far simpler and easier to schedule if we do it ourselves and the quality can be controlled as well.  Big box landscape companies sub most of the construction work if not all of it out.  Every contractor adds something to the final price and in the end the quality sometimes just doesn’t seem to add up to the price.  We can remedy all of that by doing the entire project under one roof.  Call us and see why we keep turning out smiles.

We are more than just landscaping these days!  As winter draws near, we will again be booking internal construction projects.  We offer great prices through our off season and the attention to detail is still there.  Click on our construction tab for a listing of our offered services.

If your planning a new construction project please read my blog on new construction with the provided link below.

See the blog page here.

Get a 5 minute tour of Landmark Landscapes at YouTube!

Landmark Landscapes – Lincolns Landscaping Company with many before and after pictures.




Mark started his career in horticulture by working for Earl May and later, Campbell’s Nursery in Lincoln while attending college.  He received a BS in Horticulture with an emphasis in Business Administration and Landscape Design from the University of Nebraska.  His experience at Earl May and Campbell’s Nursery provided him with a solid foundation in the landscape industry. 

 In 1995, he moved back to his hometown of Columbus, Nebraska, and started his own business.  Landmark Landscapes consists of several divisions:  landscape design/installation, maintenance, retail, and wholesale.  The various divisions employ approximately 15 full-time and 5 part-time employees. In 1997, he founded the Home Enhancement Center, which consists of Landmark Landscapes and its gift shop.  Four complimentary companies, Mueller Sprinklers, The Lawn Surgeons, No-Sweet Fencing, and Foreman Construction are also located in the Home Enhancement Center.  In 1999, he purchased the franchise, Brite Ideas, making him an exclusive distributor of Christmas lighting for the Columbus and Norfolk areas.

 In 2006, he moved back to the Lincoln area taking Landmark Landscapes with him and brought on a new business partner, enter Kasey Olson.  Together they have grown the company quickly, and enjoy a large customer base which has scene some challenging and rewarding landscaping projects.

 Mark is a Nebraska Certified Nurseryman and a member of the Nebraska Nursery and Landscape Association.  Mark’s goal is to increase the perceived value of landscaping in the marketplace by demonstrating creativity, professionalism, and world-class customer-service. 

Here are some nice look at a contemporary fire pit and or patio area.

Whats your style?

John Deere Blade $400

Heavy Duty John Deere Blade.  360 degree swivel, in good shape

New Construction Guide: Steps one should follow during construction to maximize your outdoor construction dollar.

As a Landscape contractor and to an ever growing degree; a construction contractor, we encounter many different types of projects.  I feel our mind set of constantly striving towards maximizing our efficiency gives us an edge in the landscape sector.  Our broad skill set (which includes the likes of construction and other complimentary talents) gets us in the door on other outdoor projects.  This broader ranging skill set and the ability to do more as an individual contractor allows us to accomplish more than many of our competitors.  We’ve built value into our company by offering efficient broad ranged skills tailored to the outdoor environment.  This saves our customers money and allows them to get the proverbial “most bang for their buck”.  Most of our projects come down to that of new construction or renovation.  Today, I’d like to elaborate some, on the value of using one company for all or most of your outdoor needs.  For this discussion, I’d like to focus on new construction…

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Steps to folow during new construction

Pine Wilt… Do your trees have it and what to do!

It sickens me to see all the destruction with Pine Wilt these days. Face it, unfortunately it’s here to stay. Here is an article published by the USDA http://www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/howtos/ht_pinewilt/pinewilt.htm
I hope you find it helpful. If you need additional help such as removal of dead or dying Pines give us a call.

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The inspirations tab will give you ideas and a feel for what we can accomplish in your yard. The plant data tab should show you pictures of most of the plant material we offer, with specifications for each plant. The materials data tab should guide you through our lengthy list of materials. Send me your feedback please.